Lululemon Athletica Inc. (TSX:LLL) shares fell $4.27 or six per cent to $66.90 after it said Monday that it now expects diluted earnings per share of 74 cents for the current quarter. That compared with earlier guidance of between 71 and 73 cents per share.

You can buy the clothing anywhere, like I mentioned above. Check out sports stores because you can usually find some good clearance items. For shoes, go get fitted at a specialty store like New Balance or Nike or something. Kinesthetic people are hard to motivate, however, because they often can't get past how Lululemon Athletica they're feeling in the moment. They are very emotionally driven and often let their emotions control their actions. Kinesthetic oriented persons also react to gut instincts and tend not to base decisions on reason or logic.

So he surfed the front edge of the zeitgeist. Clothing design and cutting was done in the back of the large open space 2nd floor shop on 4th. His staff were much younger and hipper. Lookahead warned some time ago, when Lululemon Athletica Inc. was under fire over the advertised curative powers of its "seaweed infused" fitness togs, that the Vancouver firm's real challenge, from an investor's perspective, is that Lululemon is either a fad destined to fade as fads do, or, if durable, will be easily replicated as a cheaper, private-label offering at Wal-Mart and the Bay. Either way, you're losing if you bought near Lululemon's euphoric October high of $58.

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In the winter skinny leggings from Lululemon are my go to. I pair them with a printed tank, an over-sized cardigan, and riding boots. For summer my favorite is a cropped legging paired with a bright colored top and some beaded or sparkly sandals. There are couples who have tried to conceive for years. Unfortunately, not all are successful. There is the belief that the younger you conceive, the easier it will be and the healthier the baby will be.

Lululemon has the potential to grow its sales by 10 times if it can penetrate its other markets like it has in Canada, but without question, the competitive landscape is starting to increase. Can lululemon groove pants fight off larger retailers like Gap and Nordstrom, and ultimately deliver huge profits for savvy investors like yourself? The Motley Fool answers these questions and more in our for smart investors like you. Try any of our Foolish newsletter services free for 30 days.

Second, online sales have become a more significant piece of its revenue picture. In the third quarter of 2012, e-commerce grew 89% to contribute 14.3% of Lululemon's sales. If e-commerce growth remains strong, the drop in same-store sales may just be an indication that some of those sales are transferring to the online channel.

Serving that niche with a laser-like focus has paid off for the Vancouver retailer. In 2007, sales rose 85%, to $275 million; profits leapt 300%, to $31 million; and the company raised $344 million in an initial public offering. Lululemon yoga pants fans shell out $92 for a pair of workout pants, compared with $60 at Nike or $70 at Under Armour, according to according to.

In Philadelphia, Lululemon on Walnut Street has partnered with the Philadelphia Runner stores to bring you Rules on Thursday nights at 6pm. The workout includes a 30-45 minute run, perfect for beginners, followed by yoga for runners. This is a great way to meet new people, get a good workout and learn some new stretches.